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What is the latest ICT Trend ?

Peter Drucker's Prediction

ICT Expenditure =
The basic for National Education

+ By year 2014, practice 100% smart schools + 2014年内,实行100%精明学校

+ Computer labs for all primary & secondary schools
+ 所小学和中学都拥有电脑研究室

+ 9th Malaysian Plan - invest RM150 million for e-learning
+ 第9大马计划 - 投资马币1.5亿元于电子教育

Peter Drucker is a world-class economic forecasters. Among his popular is the fact that he predicted Japan will rise after the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, while the whole world says Japan will not rise. His prediction turned out to be accurate.

May 2000, in Forbes Magazine, he once again predicted that over the next 10 years Webucation is the great growth opportunity of Sunrise Business.
"If you operate now, at least a Million is yours."

His prediction is right. In Europe, Webucation has been growing since 2005. In Singapore was in 2010, and it's now taking place in Malaysia !!!

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